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A gallery of past works and what nots...

Totem Bird

Another identity totem. Birds, as creatures of the air, represent creative thought, amongst other things. The wee checkerboard is to represent my love of boardgames.

frida cushion

Frida doesn't just appear on plates, she adorns cushions too. Self taught, painted to sooth her inner demons. I love this wahine toa and never get tired of representing her through my work.

xmas angel_edited

I love Christmas and not just any old tree angel will do. A nod to my the three teaspoons of french blood I have floating around in my genepool, and a nice wire skirt makes this wee girl a bit special.

Horse Totem

Mixed media painting that started with the idea of a totem pole to represent aspects of identity. It ended up as in horizontal horse form, because that's where it went on the day, and who am I to argue...

tilda the strange

These days, Tallulah the Strange lives in a specially made wall box by the front door, where she likes to admire the beautiful leadlight window in there and keep an eye on who's coming and going.


Frida, timeless, saucy wench. Much loved by The Black Pixie as a source of inspiration and creative flow

Toy Party

The toys love it when it the music's up loud and new creatures are being created in the sewing room

cat dolly

This cat dolly is a Lion Heart. She is very brave and caring, not to mention clever. She loves car rides and chocolate eclairs and has been known to eat seven in one sitting...

Bandit Bunnies

Bandit Bunnies are not bandits of the bad variety. They like to think their masks are more fashion accessory than an actual disguise. They are terribly brave and a wonderful comfort to anyone a tiny bit afraid of the dark (like me...) Place an order for your own bandit by clicking the contact link below, let me know your preferences for your bandit and I will make it to order.

Covered Journals

For your special diary, journal or book that records who has won all the games of monopoly cards or cluedo lately.


Sometimes women are so busy being everything that women are on a daily basis, that they forget have fabulous, brave, fierce, clever and strong they actually are. Queenies, with their lovely positive messages, are a gentle reminder of all those things.

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